Sunday, 19 April 2009


Currently I'm all red, literally. I'm sunburnt. Yes, in Scotland. Yes, in April. Sometimes it does happen! I think I have 1st degree burns on both my arms. If it blisters tomorrow I'll have a real problem. I burn so easily I usually wear factor 50 but it is Scotland in April, I wasn't expecting burns.

I've also re-dyed my hair mostly so that I don't have to mess with the blog header. I was brunette for a month back there but it just wasn't me. I'm back to being a red head. My mother doesn't understand. She didn't get my need to dye my hair purple and have a crew cut years ago. And to think that NO-ONE thought I was gay! Mind you even I didn't know back then.

So I'm red from head to foot! Well not exactly my feet.... they didn't burn today.


Anonymous said...

I've always been told it's easier to get sun burnt in spring/britain/slightly cooler climbs. In really hot countries people expect to burn, so sit in the shade, stay out of the sun, wear sun screen etc...

But when it doesn't feel that warm, it's easier to stay out longer and well slowly cook...

If it's any consolation I've burnt the top of my head, where my parting is, and the front of my chest because I was wearing a low-cut top and thought I would be OK, since I don't normally burn... famous last words.

Take care,

WardBunny said...

Oh my chest and shoulders are usually the worst. Normally my arms don't burn. To long in hospitals I guess!
Well at least this time I'll invest in good factor 50!

Sean said...

I know the feeling!!!!
Being a bald irishman.. I can sooo relate.
This is why me and the fake-bake tanning bed are best friends at this time of the year. I tan to prevent the spring cherry-burn.

WardBunny said...

Sadly even after a week my arms are still red. At least they don't hurt any more.

I'm ok with being pale though. Always been pale, always will be.

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