Friday, 8 May 2009


My 2 favourite things right now are:

  1. Telling people I'm signed off
  2. Making fun of Swine Flu
Yea I know number 2 isn't very grown up but to be honest it is Scotland's biggest joke right now.
It's kinda coming to a big nothing. The two people who were the UK's first cases have sold their stories to the newspapers. And the government has produced the most patronising leaflet since the one about disaster preparedness.

The jokes are doing the rounds as well.... We have the one about breaking out in 'rashers'. Of course you can insert almost any 'oink'ment joke as appropriate. Oh and my current personal favourite has to be any poor sod with hay fever, a cold or an asthmatic/COPD/smokers' cough being let loose on a bus or train. Fastest way to get the annoying person sitting beside you to move.

Worst part is I could have saved them millions on the whole message thing. You know; wash your hands, use a tissue, bin the tissue............
We had a strangely similar message going about nearly 70 years ago.......


LivingDeadNurse said...

we joke about it right now at work cause the pt all have the hacky croupy cough and flu symptoms...omg they have pigitis flu lol...i think the media is over playing it

Seratonin said...

As I have said elsewhere, it puts the recession on the back burner as far as news goes. Let's face it Swine Flu is much more interesting and scarey for media portrayal !

Jay said...

I wonder why we give it soo much importance anyway!!

WardBunny said...

I think we're suffering from Swine Flu over load because the media hasn't discovered the meaning of pandemic in the dictionary yet!

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