Monday, 21 September 2009

I'm back!

Hi guys! OK I've been back a week I know but it has taken me all this time to catch up on everything that you've been writing.
So yep my registration came through (even though the forms had to make a round trip to the Midwest). I just don't have a job yet. I'm working on that, promise.

I always said that I would tell you guys, around the time of my graduation, my name and what I look like. So here's the first bit of the integration of my split-internet-personalities...
You can all now call me Claire.


cellar_door said...

Hello Claire, welcome back! :o) We missed you x

Sean said...

Well very nice to finally meet you Claire!!!
Woo Hoo

LivingDeadNurse said...

hello claire!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Claire, great to have you back!

Karin RN, Blogger said...

Hi coffee-loving Claire. Glad to know your name--finally!

Tilly said...

Hi Claire, I know the feeling, I now have a pin and a job to start with but I'm waiting for my CRB and then i have to do the Trust induction all over again even though I'm working there now!
You will find a job I'm sure!
Good luck and keep applying!

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