Monday, 23 March 2009

Confessions of a Nurse

Anyone in the UK catch the Dispatches documentary - Confessions of a Nurse?
Please tell me you did. Much of it is true, least from what I heard from around the web and throughout my course.

Patient care

  • 42 per cent of nurses and midwives interviewed say they have either been in or witnessed situations where patients have been put in unnecessary danger
  • Over half (57 per cent) of the A&E nurses interviewed say they have witnessed situations where patents lives have been put in unnecessary danger
  • Almost half (53 per cent) say they have seen colleagues perform medical tasks that they are not qualified to do
  • 44 per cent of the nurses and midwives we polled say they don’t always stick to the rules
  • Over a third (37 per cent) think that patient care in the NHS has become worse in the past five years

Impact of understaffing and long hours

  • Half (51 per cent) of all the nurses and midwives interviewed say that they are exhausted most of the time
  • 29 per cent say long hours and exhaustion prevent them from doing their jobs properly
  • 83 per cent of the midwives surveyed say they have been in situations where they have had too many patients to look after properly
  • 70 per cent say understaffing prevents them from doing their jobs properly
  • One third (33 per cent) say they would leave nursing and midwifery if they could

Behaviour of nurses

  • 43 per cent say they have seen other nurses shout at patients (13 per cent admit they have themselves shouted at patients)
  • 44 per cent of nurses and midwives interviewed admit to calling in sick when not really ill
  • 40 per cent admit to browsing the internet when they should be working
  • 36 per cent admit to coming to work with a hangover and unable to concentrate on the job properly

We can't care properly for our patients if we are under staffed. There are no great revelations to be had there. Not for those in the NHS anyway.
Bet you the patients will be scared now.
Go watch it on 4od if you can....


cb said...

I didn't see it but we were talking about it yesterday at work (of course, not actually watching a programme doesn't mean I can't enter fully into a discussion about it). I hadn't remembered 4oD so will definitely check it on that. (most of the discussion involved someone apparently using ebay at work.. ).

WardBunny said...

Yea the nurse that was sacked for putting stuff up for sale on ebay on her nightshift and was using her NHS trust email account. They didn't take kindly to it....

It's disturbing but it sent my ward sister ranting about it during the break today. She is truly passionate about nursing that one!

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