Monday, 9 March 2009

Management of Care (contains swearing)

This management is all kinds of shitting weird.
I am fuked. It's impossible to juggle 12 patients; 1 critically ill, 2 going to theatre, 2 back from theatre, 1 awaiting reviews, 1 discharge..... Ah crap. I keep getting lost!!
I should be better than this.

My mind melts about 6 hours in. I'm getting a little better but hell's bells I'm surprised anything gets done with me some days! I was helped out a lot. I still have 3 and a bit weeks to improve.

Maybe I'll get there. I'm not passed yet. Fuk this is harder than it looks.


cellar_door said...

I think thats the bit I'm gonna struggle with too. Good luck, hope it gets easier for you! x

WardBunny said...

It's tricky but not impossible. I get too easily frustrated. The more you know the easier it gets. You'll get there with less stress!

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