Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What Have I Been Doing....

Well... I've been busy. No really I do occasionally move from the front of my computer. The sad thing is that although I have all this time I have spent relatively little time working in any of the hospitals.
Agency-wise I've done 3 night shifts. I hate night shift. I hate more night shift in wards where I don't have a scooby as to what is going on. General surgery for example by-passes me a bit, although by the 2nd night I could at least follow the hand over. It was interesting that I got a shift back on my old orthopaedic ward. I loved that place when I was there and yea it even still smells the same. Not bad, I've been on wards that stink to high heaven, just a certain blend of soap and equipment stocked. It's unique to the ward, none of the other ortho wards I've been on smell the same.
In other places - I've been moving out of the flat. It's gone to mammoth proportions. Of course as world's best procrastinator I've put it all off to the last day. Aren't I smart! No wonder people shake their heads when I try to prioritise!
I've got the optician tomorrow for my contact lens fitting. Well you imagine jumping in a lake with a pair of glasses. Oh and if it couldn't be worse the glasses I do have don't react to the sunlight so I'd be guarding the lake without sunglasses. That's far more difficult than it sounds you know.

Not long till I leave now. I'll be there this time next week!!! So excited!


Karin RN said...

Enjoy your time in the US.

I wonder if you have considered Lasik surgery for your vision. It made a lot of difference to me. Goodbye to the glasses and contacts I had lost so many times for years.

Anonymous said...

Just heard some worrying news about the dept of health trying to force through a requirement for every nurse to carry indemnity insurance - check it out. http://tiny.cc/E89Tw

ecrunner said...

Sounds like you lead a fairly busy life. I haven't had to do the whole work at multiple locations while also moving. I respect and admire your doing that. The nursing lifestyle are definitely one of the more challenging.

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