Monday, 10 December 2007

Home And Dry

Sorry for the random poetry that has been filling this blog of mine. This is only one of two, however I am unable to be as out on the blog all my friends read as I am here. SO on with a little introduction...

Things I Like: Cartooning, writing, reading, TV, computers and NURSING. That's a short list and the stuff you'll find here will be based on one or more of those subjects.

Things I Hate: Essays (I should be writing one right now), narrow-minded people and hiding who I really am.

Why Nursing? Honestly when I was a child I wanted to be Duffy from Casualty (Not that you'll find me wearing a dress or hat on placement!). While I've chased other dreams I have finally come back to this one and I'm loving it.

Am I Different From The Other Nursing Student Blogs? No not really. I stress and struggle like everyone else and I work hard and love placements. One thing makes me a little different though. I'm gay. I've stopped making excuses and I've given up on hiding it, however it is not yet common knowledge amongst those I work with so I keep my head down still. None of this changes my practice or patient care.

I better get back to that esssay now, they don't write themselves, which is a bit of a shame.

Love WardBunny

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