Wednesday, 19 December 2007

When The System Crashes

When my Windows laptop crashes I use ctrl, alt, del and reboot the whole thing. It stalls like that, nearly always, because I'm trying to do too much at once. So what happens when the health care system crashes?

People slip through the cracks. That's what happens.
Those incapable of looking after themselves and thrown back into the community without so much as a backwards glance. Christmas is a time of year when people should be with their families, however with rumored hospital discharges at around 90 per day for the week before Christmas, how are social work, social care and district nursing services expected to continue? They just are and with less staff because they all want to be at home for the holidays too.

So while I sit at home with my college prescribed two weeks off, I'll be thinking about the people who are unable to care for themselves in homes not equipped to care for them with families, who either don't care and won't be there for them or who simply cannot cope with the level of care they require.

I know the world is far from perfect but we could all make it suck a little less.

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