Sunday, 8 February 2009

Busman's Holiday

Nothing like going somewhere and doing your day job.
We've already established that taking me hospital visiting is just an invite for me to read your file, comment on your meds and make your bed before we leave.
Yea well...... several thousand miles / 8 hour flight and I get told "Hey you know how to stick people with needles right?"
*smacks forehead with heel of hand* (nothing good can come of this) "Yes."
"Well you can help us vaccinate the goats!" (yep it was said with glee)
*once again smacks forehead*
What a busman's holiday this has turned out to be and there will be another round before I go!
People don't usually headbutt the person with the needle. Goats also have much thicker skin and fur which would explain the HUGE solid metal needles for a simple subcut injection.
So yes I can now add 'vaccinated goats' to my CV.


cellar_door said...

"People don't usually headbutt the person with the needle" You've clearly never worked in mental health... :o)

Sounds like a whole heap of fun!

WardBunny said...

Ah well no... nor AnE. Mind you a goat charging headlong into my knee or aggressive patient... Hmmm.

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