Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Flying Visit

Hi Guys
I'm in a hotel in Manchester.
It's a 70s time warp.
I'm stuck with my parents, who seriously don't get blogging / anything else in my life (ah independence how I miss you right now).
How much like a 15 year old girl with a LiveJournal / myspace account do I sound right now?
I'm leaving the country tomorrow. HUZZA!
Internet access here is £1 for 10 mins (total rip off) and the computer's slow.
I'll blog tomorrow properly from the airport (cos I'll get my laptop on the wifi there).

P.S. no news on new placement :( (thought I'd keep going with the sounding like a 15 year old)


cb said...

Have a good time!

tranquility said...

who knows u might bum into perfect stranger @ the airport..

can u show me how i could put the little creature (moji) in my site?

thanx heaps

Karin RN said...

Ha ha, enjoy your time anyway. My parents do not even know I blog and my husband does not even know what blog means.

WardBunny said...

Yay holidays!

tranquility - http://mojikan.com/Public/Store/StoreWidgets.aspx
It's the mood me moji. Took me awhile to set up though and the site runs rather slowly. But when it works it works.

Anonymous said...

I hope it was an enjoyable trip!~

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