Monday, 12 May 2008

Happy Nurses' Day

Go hug a nurse and make them feel like their job is the most important in the world! Because it is the best job in the world.

Actually pass on the hugs, you'll end up getting done for assault. This has a lower profile than a Z-list celebrity at an A-list party but we will drag it into public consciousness. I mean come on it's better than Valentine's day! I'd rather know I was loved 24/7 than on 1 stinking, over commercialised day per year. Of course I'd also rather know my job was valued 24/7 but I'll settle for 1 high profile day for the moment.

Wow I didn't mean this to turn into another rant. Props to Lele, Zuzu, Dee Dee, ex-mentors and staff in placements, lecturers, nurse bloggers, the rest of my class mates and to all nurses everywhere!

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