Sunday, 4 May 2008


I can't juggle. For anyone that knows me it's not a surprise. I drop stuff and fall over and for some reason people still trust me to hold... my ticket, wallet, popcorn, hot dog, bag, drink.... Question: how do other people manage it?
Anyway, no I didn't drop it all before I got to my seat, however the problems started halfway through the movie.
We were watching Made of Honour.... Please, please, please don't assume all of Scotland looks and acts like that!!!!! I think that counts as a spoiler, maybe, ah sod it you need to be informed. They did have a nice little ad for the Clachaig Inn. I've stayed there, lovely part of Scotland. Actually, on a side note, there's a camp site 10min walk down the road called the Red Squirrel (stayed there too) and 10min further on is the Glencoe youth hostel. Just go to the pub, have a few beers and roll back down the hill to your tent. Still all this is against the point of the story.....
So some time after the Clachaig Inn sighting Bob reaches for the popcorn and I offer her the bag (yes a girl called Bob). Gracefully I tip the bag towards her hand and the sodding thing drops out of my grasp, dumping half the remaining contents on to her lap. Later she's convinced that I did it on purpose and I wondered if she was OK with eating the popcorn, literally, off her lap.

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