Monday, 19 May 2008

Its Happened Already

Arrgh! Just when you think you've covered everything someone comes along and asks you a question and you haven't a freaking scooby.
Who suddenly decided to make this so difficult? And how can I go about getting their head on a stick?
Oh and this ain't even about nursing, freaking Windows XP.
Ugh can I got back to studying now? I have exams in a matter of weeks and you want me to fix your computer for no fee?
Dream on folks...
See Peer2Peer file sharing? It be the computer equivalent of needle sharing.
The fact that you have NO anti-virus, spyware, or firewall software installed? Now you're just letting all the fruits of the forest free reign on your files and system.
Ultimately? It's your fault, DEAL WITH IT! Cos I quit!

P.S. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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