Sunday, 11 May 2008

Warning: Large Unidentifiable Rant

Was watching the top 100 best sellers of the 21st century on the hits and I broke into rant mode.
At least half of the top 10 was daft reality TV show winners and losers. The other half being made up of freaking Bob the Builder, Band Aid and finally someone with talent Kylie!
Why are there so many freaking stupid reality show hits? Well the sold loads. More than the really talented people that didn't need a leg up from TV. Which leads me to think that the general public are stupid and/or sheep.
The songs are bad versions of what were good originals. The videos are invariably montages of them crying on the TV as the 'fixed' results are being handed out. These people can't write their own songs or often play their own instruments.
WHY, OH WHY do we have to suffer this rubbish? Why can't people listen to decent music from talented people?
Oh and P.S. I count Kylie as talented because she has been around for so long creating catchy songs and reinventing herself. NOT being a one-hit-wonder like these manufactured pop bubbles.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, I cannot stand those shows!!!

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