Monday, 15 September 2008

Hypothetically Speaking

In the course of your work you catch a nurse doing something that is wrong. An infection control something (considering the state of HAIs in this country). (There are other somethings too but those are real gray areas) What do you do?
a) pull her up?
b) report her to the ward sister?
c) moan to the blogosphere?
d) report it to someone outside the ward e.g. infection control nurse / college lecturer?

Clearly we're looking at option c. Although no hypothetical question ever is. I have to admit I'm considering talking to the college. We are expected to report bad practice to someone. You can't just sit on it, especially if the proverbial hits the fan at some point.

"Did you realise this was wrong?"
"Why didn't you do anything about it?"
"I didn't want to say anything to offend anyone."

How rubbish is that reason? I didn't want to cause offence? I wanted to be signed off and get a good reference? Try making that wash with the patient's family.
In about 5 months I'll be accountable for everything I do and if I were to simply keep quiet I would be as much to blame.

Damn. Rock. Hard place. Me.

P.S. Honestly not a real situation... honest.


cellar_door said...

Probably won't help much, but whenI see someone doing something wrong, I play 'stupid student' to try and find out why...

'oh right, so, why do you do it like that?' (in genuinely interested and slightly dozy voice)

and watch them try and justify it. Usually means they are more careful about it in future...

Doesn't always work though! Good luck with whatever you do...

Tilly said...

I can see your worries, and I'm glad its not just me that uses Cellar-doors approach! I've found it works most times.
with regards to infection control issues I have spoken to another student about it, in a ward that was barrier nursed because of C-Diff at the time and she wandered around with the same gloves and apron on in and out of the bays (yes multiple), for once I got the courage to speak to her about it - it went one ear and out the other and couldn't see what I was getting at "but my hands are clean" - needless to say shes not on the course any more.

WardBunny said...

Sadly I wish it was another student. It's a 'agency' 'nursing assistant'.

I used to play dim but now I'm this far on people expect me to be 'in charge'. That scares the heck out of me. I guess being in charge means pulling others up. The ward sisters seem to be on my side when it comes to ward cleanliness!

ARRRGH! C.Diff!!!! My nemesis!

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