Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A Good Ol Days Post With A Health Warning.

There was something about ERNursey's post that reminded me of my first few days... So many of the student nurse blogs I read are of those who are starting this year. Leaving me feeling like an old fart since I finish in only a few months.

It's got me remembering the 'good ol days' but I would like to issue a health warning. So to Kim @ As The Pump Turns, NurseTeeny @ The Makings of a Nurse, undergrad RN and Cellar_Door @ Not Another Nursing Student Blog please stop reading. Keep your rose tinted specs on for a little bit longer. In fact that goes for almost nursing student within the first half of their course. Flee and save yourselves, come back tomorrow when I'll be back to the usual ranting. For Not Nurse Ratched and Brain Scramble this will be nothing new.

It's fair to say school hasn't been an easy ride. The first week it felt like my brain was melting and it's never had a chance to regroup. Contrary to popular belief I haven't actually failed every essay we've been given. In fact I got a B for one of them. One of the reasons I didn't start the blog till the last year was I lived under the near constant threat of getting kicked off the course. I kinda lurched from one mess to the other.

When I was on the last course, straight out of high school, I thought that was stressful. I made myself ill and left. The summer before I started nursing I went to camp. It was one of the best times in my life and I went into college hoping for the best.

Of course what followed was THE most stressful time of my life ever. I couldn't get past this one exam and the threat of massive failure coupled with the essays and family and being diagnosed dyslexic left me... well on Prozac (not the name brand, generic this is the NHS remember) and seeing a counselor. (see folks this is why I told you to stop reading!)

I lost the rose tinted specs the first time we had a 'social' admission, read didn't need to be here not going home, with family shouting and swearing at staff.

This might be a good time to remind ya all about the good days. Getting a B for that essay, my ITU placement and just to lower the tone, that nurse I had a crush on. I'm a damn site stronger than I was when I started. It's been the hardest 2 and a half years of my life. This is why I'm not allowed to talk to 1st years anymore! Tehehe!


cellar_door said...

Hehe. I don't think I ever had the rose tinted glasses - nursing was something I fell into rather than idealised, so by the time I started the course I was already pretty jaded! :0) As to uni, it was shit the last time I went and so wasn't really expecting an improvement this time. It must be sooo good to be nearly done though!

WardBunny said...

I kinda just fell into nursing after I left the last course. The whole not having to pay fees kinda clinched it.

BUT I really into it now. I'm just not very convincing.

Being jaded is a skill 'cept they don't give us lectures on it.

Anonymous said...

As one whose rose colored glasses got smacked off the first time a dialysis patient hit me, I thank you for being honest. It will be the hardest three years of my life. But I at least have the knowledge of those who walked ahead of me!


WardBunny said...

Not been hit yet.... Hit on, ass pinched, verbally abused.... bitten by an autistic boy (that left a bruise for weeks!).....but I kinda meant the ones concerning nurse school, not 'questionably acting' patients.

And what a knowledge base it is these days! Wish I had found medbloggers sooner!

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