Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Why I Haven't Been Around....

Sorry folks. I have been reading, just don't have the strength to type.

Placement has been less of a learning curve than I thought it would be and the last few shifts have flown past. I hope I can say that about tomorrow and the rest of the week. I have been thinking about sleep far too often. When I should sleep, when I'm able to sleep..... So why would I want to spend the rest of my working life thinking like this?

I've not started any of my written work sadly. So I'm starting to fall behind and there's a weekend away starting on Friday and I really should be there too. Ack.... I worked (like for money, for once) on both Saturday and Sunday. It's a run of 12 days without break in shifts.

I promise not to moan anymore about working too much. I did bring it on myself.
I promise to post more, especially if anything interesting happening but according to the news feeds nothing much has happened. Aside from the LHC leaking helium.


Virginia said...

I had an enjoyable time reading your blog. I am thinking about becoming a nurse. Any advice?

WardBunny said...

Do it if you're in for the long run! But I won't BS you it's hardest course with the biggest rewards.

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