Thursday, 2 October 2008

No News Is Not Always Good News

I've not been talking about placement because it's rather fresh at the moment but in time I'll explain what's going on.

Sufficed to say nice ward, nice staff, nice patients.... me doing the usual, i.e. not enough, not fast enough, not good enough.

Some days I suck at something I thought I was good at. Right I'm going to bed because my foul mood isn't lifting. Sorry folks. I promise to be happier tomorrow.


Karin, RN said...

Good night!

Tomorrow will be brighter, I hope.

Up To No Good said...

Awww...hang in there. Lots of us are in the same place if that helps.

cellar_door said...

(Hugs) Things will get better, I promise! Well, I'm obviously not 100% certain, but it's at least 50/50...


WardBunny said...

Awwww thanks guys!
Things are improving... I just have to figure out how to do it first. I'll write some stuff over the weekend. Promise!

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