Thursday, 30 October 2008

Overtime Pays More Than Money

News Flash: I am NOT shit at my job!

You know that old "you get told it so you believe it kind of thing"? Well getting told in placement that everything I was doing was wrong kinda ground me down for a bit.

Then I go off to earn a bit of money on the wards as an auxiliary and fall into a few shifts at the not-too-far-away hospital (instead of the two-buses-from-my-house hospital where placement is). Better yet I fell into a run of shifts at Coronary Care.

I worked so hard for them but they taught me too. Like Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps, these things are cool (seriously technical but cool!). They apparently very dangerous too... granted a balloon sitting in your aorta inflating and deflating with every beat of your heart could be dangerous.

They loved me! I did voluntary overtime (they asked and I wanted to er... stick my nose in on the interesting stuff), oh and then there's the extra shift today which came with a side of overtime. So I'm not shit at my job, least they don't think so.

Right when I go back to placement I am going to kick ass. I can so do this.


Tilly said...

well done, i love my auxiliary shifts as well, they remind me what nursing really is when you get disheartened with being a student!
I just hope that when I qualify, sometimes I will still be able to do those aux jobs as well as RGN role as well as it is so important and how you really get to know your patients.
Good luck with the job applications - I'm 6 months behind you!

WardBunny said...

Well time will tell how it all turns out I guess. We can't be 'too posh to wash' when we do get there.

anderson0991 said...


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