Monday, 13 October 2008

Warm Fuzzy Feelings

And those are few and far between these days...
I love learning and the whole nursing course but some days you just feel like chucking it all in. I'm trying to remember the good times so that I don't lose sight of where I'm going.
So where am I going? Going to get a job hopefully. I would of course like to pass this final placement and get out the other side. See part of finishing the course means that you are fit to practice. The MNC talk about 'Good Health and Good Character'.... Well I have my moments of Good Health and mostly that isn't a problem.

Good character is important as nurses and midwives must be honest and trustworthy. Your good character is based on your conduct, behaviour and attitude. It covers examples such as someone who knowingly practises as a nurse or midwife before they are on the register, or someone who signs a student off from an educational programme while being aware of poor behaviour.
Now I'd never want to be signed off if I was incapable (also because it would bite the ass of the nurse that did so) and I am scared wit-less of being incapable. Yea OK it's safe to say I have no confidence left and reading the Committee Reports of nurse conduct is not helping me any more. Not that it was helping in the first place (the whole lot scaring the cack out of me!).
I'm not ready yet. I'm like a part baked cookie... I taste all right but there's something wrong (also soft with no hard outer shell to protect me).
Warm fuzzy feelings? Bah! More like cold hard surfaces... clinical surfaces. I'm going to go rock under the table and hope tomorrow is a better day. Oh and maybe the staff nurse I get on really well with might just be working the same shift......


Nurse Sandra May said...

I know just how you feel.

I am scared witless that I will not be passed as "of good character" because many people have said I have a bad attitude. The thing is, I really care. A lot. I am of good character, I just have issues with the university staff.

I'm scared!

WardBunny said...

Cack communication apparently... well I have issues with adults (why I worked with kids).

We are good people! Just not perfect... yet.

cellar_door said...

I know I'm nowhere near done yet, but I do get very sweaty palms when I think about being in charge of a ward. Also, my character leaves something to be desired...I get on well with patients, but management, not so much!

WardBunny said...

I can be very much 'my way or the highway'. Which as you can imagine doesn't go do so well.
I'm currently working on 'working and not talking' as a strategy. Now if I had managed this ...oh.... a year ago it would have been so different!

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