Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Coolest Job In The World!

I have found maybe the coolest job advertisement in the world.
Sadly no it's not chief chocolate taster for Cadbury's.

There's a paediatrics hospital that wants adult newly qualified nurses! Man best news all year! You have to be willing to learn.... well I'm willing to put myself through college again to retrain and get my degree if I have too. No I'm not putting the link up, I want this one for myself!


cb said...

Good luck! And you know, I'm not sure that the chief chocolate taster might not trump it though..

Anonymous said...

Do you guys go through a different nursing program to work peds? Or am I just confused regarding the wording?

Regardless, sounds like a spectacular job.

WardBunny said...

We have different branches - Adult (common as muck), Children, Mental Health and Learning Disability (very rare). The first year is kind of tasters from all branches (all the branches you university offers that is, gives you a chance to change) then you split off for the next 2. I'm an Adult nurse (sometimes known as general). It's the first time I've seen something like that happening, essentially the one branch in another branch's job. We're short on children's nurses apparently. You can convert from one to another (by doing that branch's 2 years) although you can't convert from mental health to kids but you can the other way around... odd.

Nothing beats chocolate taster!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Did not know about the different branches.
Best of luck!

WardBunny said...

It's a bit of an odd system. Works though.
Just slogging through the application form now! Thanks!

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