Thursday, 11 September 2008

Other and Better Things

Well the Large Hadron Collider came online without a hitch. Protons are running around in circles in France / Switzerland. It's also producing pictures...

Tonight was the first time I had to explain to 7 year olds why today is important and why it should be remembered. It's hard to get a 7 year old to understand why these people that they have never met, in a place they have never been to, about an event they will only see in pictures but it's possible. I do it every year for Remembrance Sunday and somehow it's actually more difficult to get them to understand something I never saw or will truly understand myself.

Actually I could use some advice. Anyone worked with a kid who is nervy and unable to be around large groups of other children? What do you do with them? How would you help include them? She wants to be there, it's just that she can't handle it.


Seratonin said...

A little reassurance, that maybe some other kids feel like her.You could try asking what it is she finds difficult being in a large group.I have tried this with my kids & it helps.The other thing is try putting yourself in a similar position or think back to when you've been a child & felt nervy.

WardBunny said...

We're working on the reassurance. Good ideas! I'll keep you posted!

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