Monday, 1 September 2008

Pride Glasgow!

O.K. I promised pictures but my camera really sucks so I searched flickr for better photographers than me.
I found the most amazing pictures from S2 B and I've borrowed a couple to post here. You should go look at the rest of them!The pride flag flies over the city chambers for the first time. By S2 B.
The parade going down Union Street. By S2 B.
That's entertainment! Photo from alephnaught...
The day was an utter riot. We had the time of our lives. It makes you wish every day was like that!


Jacob said...

Did you wear a cool costume?

WardBunny said...

Not as nice as those ladies! Besides I couldn't risk being caught on the local news. I had my pride bag with me... Should really put a picture of that up, my rainbow bag is amazing!

cb said...

Looking nice and sunny :)

WardBunny said...

Was quite a nice day considering it was Glasgow!

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