Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fools

I couldn't think of a good one today... but the BBC managed to top anything I could have tried.
Flying Penguins!!! (Screen cap from the BBC. I doff my cap to you good sirs. Please have my licence fee for this alone!)
Then reason I enjoyed it so much was not because by the time I saw the ad the internet had ruined the surprise but because I needed a change of trousers after seeing my flatmates' faces.
There I am trying to control the TV long enough to see the 6 o'clock news (Hollyoaks is on at the same time and no I don't consider that mind expanding) when on comes the BBC's best ever advert (if you haven't seen it go look up iPlayer NOW!).
So I'm laughing at the flying penguins and I look around, there are blank faces staring at me. So much for that don't believe everything you see on TV. I had to say that it was a joke because penguins can't fly which started an argument as to why penguins have wings. To swim with was my answer. (Close enough for jazz.) Still they think I'm nuts for finding it funny and I think they are nuts for falling for a April Fools joke.

Jokes are not half as funny when you have to explain them. It's even worse when no one believes you.

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