Sunday, 20 April 2008

Doctors and Nurses: Part 3

Now he's helping me get my own back.....

(At the nurses' station. Doc, male nurse 'K' and myself)
Doc (to K)- I heard you saw a side of WardBunny we've never seen.
(Earlier K had said to me 'Nice pair of jugs' I was however carrying 2 water jugs at the time. He found it so funny because it took me a couple of seconds for me to get what he meant!)
Me- He started it. He said he was going to show me where the pole lived! (A drip stand, not thankfully any part of K's anatomy) (Other nurse J arrives and only catches the last line)
K- Yea I got her with that old chestnut.
Doc- The pole really is an old chestnut.
(All crying with laughter, being holy unprofessional and K has a red face!)

Sorry for all the innuendo and to think I was going to settle for dropping an ice cube down the back of K's scrub top.

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