Saturday, 12 April 2008

Doctors and Nurses

Patient had a peri-arrest post op and was to be with us for the foreseeable. She was currently on the highest level of CPAP we offer, next step intubation. O2 sats were improving but the blood gasses were not compatible with life so to speak.
"Set up for intubation and I'll go draw up the drugs." says the Doc (ST2, think that's the new equivalent of JHO, but don't ask me it's complicated enough) and he ambles away to the treatment room.
Half an hour later, patient's still in the same condition (there's not all that much we can do right now)...
"I'm gonna go have a think about this on the toilet."
As he walks off I've got my mouth hanging open, "That's it I'm going to med school. I want to be able to do all my thinking on the toilet!" Luckily the ward sister saw the funny side.
I went off shift about an hour later and even the consultant was thinking that maybe they shouldn't go through with it.
Next morning she was off CPAP and on 100% through a face mask with all her sats stable! She never did get intubated and the toilet has been crowned ward thinking spot.


Faith Walker said...


FY2 would be a SHO, ST2 is either SHO or Registrar I think.

Hope that helps!

WardBunny said...

Ah that would explain loads. He seems to know everything! (Then again I should hope so!)

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