Wednesday, 9 April 2008

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It's been awhile, mostly because the night shift really did mess with my brain. So this is a round up of some bizarre news stories that have been coming through my feed reader this week.
First up the some what badly understood study on what the staff think of the NHS. The BBC have billed it 'Care not top priority - NHS staff'.
This does not mean that the nurses, doctors and everyone else doesn't care about you as a patient but instead that the care of patients does not seem to be the top priority for the upper echelons of Trust management. Well it's not money is and to be honest probably always has been.
Then that have been more studies into the drop out rates of student nurses. The best quote of that article has to be 'morale among student nurses was at rock bottom'. Well the course ain't exactly a walk through marshmallow land with a unicorn. More like wading through a waste treatment plant in the dark, backwards.
In more depressing news (if it can get worse than that) Tekkamaki died last night. Kappamaki is still fit and healthy, and has a new tank mate. 'New Guy' is still nameless but has taken to sniffing poor Kappamaki's behind.
And finally - Lecturer Writes Cook Book. Yea anatomy cook book, lets just hope he doesn't teach human anatomy or else the next headline will be 'Lecturer Arrested For Promoting Mass Cannibalism, Students Protest'.

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