Wednesday, 4 June 2008

101st Post

Hey who would have thought I would have gotten this far?
I feel I should offer something.
Counselling probably. Although with new research showing that apparently we should no longer talk about our traumas because we'll deal with it better maybe I should just offer you the option of reading one of the many better blogs listed down the side (helpfully arranged by department!). On a side note read the comments at the end of this Times article. Way I see it if you want to talk about it then carry on, I tend to bottle things. When I do eventually vent I get told I'm an angry person. Oh wait you already knew that.
I did my bit for someone by giving a pint of blood (between one thing and another I can only give occasionally). Hope none of you have my blood type!
There have been rumblings in the blogosphere which may drive nurse bloggers further underground. Mousie might have been outed. A cruel and unnecessary kind of punishment having been somewhat outed myself in a different way. What followed was an outpouring of support. Well deserved I think for she is one of the best around but at the end of the day blogging isn't going to pay the bills. Good luck, Mousie!
You'll have to wait till tomorrow for what I really wanted to most tonight but I have these classes (I think they might be important) and sleep (well it wouldn't be the first time I've given that up in exchange for watching TV or some less than important task).
Night folks.

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