Friday, 27 June 2008

Nothing To Report

I gave myself an asthma attack while I was cleaning today. I don't usually wheeze but I managed it this time. Good thing I still carry my blue inhaler with me.

Other than that..... stuck a few people with butterflies...

Er no not that kind of butterfly.....
Fantastic for people with 'no' veins. I was quite chuffed with some of the patients I managed to get blood out of today.

Lastly.... I'm a little bored of dipping urine. It's not difficult by any means but the most entertaining thing is guessing what will show up before it has had time to develop. And that my friends is just a little sad.


cellar_door said...

I had a patient last week whose urine bore no resemblence to anything on the stick, or indeed any other liquid seen in nature...god only knows what she'd been eating.

WardBunny said...

Took me months to figure out why one of my patients had a battleship grey stool.
Some urine samples defy logic.

Liver dysfunction BTW.

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