Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Crazy Town Dead Ahead

"I need to get away I little early today."
"I... uh... have to pick up some medicine."
"For yourself?"
"No,... er.... my fish."
Thank goodness my clinic wrapped up early and then I got the one I took over cleaned up fast!
Yea, one of the fish has a fungus. Black moors are notorious for being susceptible to illness. Oddly enough I get laughed at for my 'children' as they have been referred too. A sickly Black Moor (Keppamaki), a Goldfish with half a tail lost in an accident (Nemo), a 'white' Goldfish that has lost it's colour (Truffle) and a one-eyed Comet who was born (er hatched would be more exact) that way (Blinky). I have a sick sense of humour with the names; sushi, a Disney character with a damaged fin, Truffle was brown when I got him and fish don't have eyelids.

Meanwhile in the 'real' world....

This was found to be offensive. What's the worst bit? That some parents (if they caught it when it was on, like only once and no where near kids tv because of the very high fat content) might have to explain to a child why one man may kiss another man? Have we not already realised that children get advertising far more than an adult does. That's why such products cannot be shown during children's programming any more. Stonewall is asking for an ethical campaign. For a boycott of Heinz products... So anyone need a kilo of ketchup? I bought it a week ago.


cb said...

I'd heard about 'the advert' but this was the first place I've actually seen the 'offending' piece! It's incredibly tame - I was expecting something a lot more explicit :)
There was a letter in one of the evening papers here about it that said (and I'm paraphrasing)
'What is it with these people who are saying they have to explain to their kids? I just said to my young children, some men like men and some men like women and some women like men and some women like women' and that was the extent of the explanation'.
I thought it made the point!
I was amazed by another letter which spoke of horror at the advert in terms of passionate same-sex kissing.
Er.. that is their idea of passionate?? It just made me feel a bit sad for the writer...

WardBunny said...

Cracking way of explaining it!
There was no passion in the peck. I wonder how long that commenter had been married? Or single?
Mary Whitehouse would be turning in her grave but then it's hardly Queer As Folk or Sugar Rush.

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