Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I smell.
Well yes a day working will do that to you, but I smell of hospital. You know? Those big buildings full of sick people? Well they are rather successful at creating a stink and mine doesn't even have an incinerator.
I remember turning up for night shift and nearly throwing up at the stench dinner was giving off. Must have been cabbage or sprouts. Anyway it was rank.
My hands smell of the soap and alcohol gels. My uniform of coffee and old paper from the loads of medical records I've been carting about for the consultants, oh and hospec and sheets too.
Worse yet I've been given my own clinic to organise and run tomorrow. God love the patients.
News stories today....
An example of why I want to go into spinal injuries.
A comment from the Guardian by the editor of DIVA magazine. About how sexuality is anything but simple.

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