Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Best Idea Ever

I have come up with the best idea ever for one of the projects we are doing. Of course there are a few drawbacks to this plan.

Task - Educate your peers on a subject you've studied in depth. You can use Powerpoint, tutorials, written hand-outs, etc.

Method Chosen - (here's the brilliant part!) Comic. I'm thinking maybe about 2 pages, A4 portrait size on A3 pages, double-sided, folded in half... which means I would have 8 pages to play with. The back page would be the references of course.

Subject - Well this is where it goes a bit off... what I could write about - The Long Term Complications of Quadriplegia. Nice, probably what they are looking for but doesn't lend itself to comic. This is something I have studied in depth and I could write about... in fact I have written 3 pages on it so I wouldn't have to do it.

So where does this leave me on a subject? Well I've had another thought...

Pros - No-one else will have thought of this
It will educate people on an area that is rarely covered
It will look brilliant when I'm finished

Cons - Only I could do something like this so people will know it's me
It might not be what they are looking for (I do have the fall back idea at least) (they have given us free reign though)

So what is it? The Needs of LGBT Patients
Cool? Pure Utter Genius! It's unique (not a single lecturer has mentioned it) and I'm not doing it as a piggin' Powerpoint presentation!


pixelrn said...

Love it!!! And I hope you scan it and post it on your blog when you are done.

What is it that they say...

Absolute power corrupts,

Powerpoint corrupts absolutely.

cb said...

I think it's a great idea. Very necessary too.

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