Monday, 25 August 2008

Pure Rage and Pure Disrespect

We got out the final assignments today! Which would have been good... I put in for orthopedic trauma for my final placement. I love broken bones and the like. Stupidly thinking I'd get it.

Most people didn't get what they really wanted. This is a cracking indicator of how the day was going down the pan already. The person who got my ward rubbed salt in my wounds before I got mine. Then I got my placement...

Gynecology - I don't have a problem with gyne, it's an interesting field. If it hadn't been for the 'isn't that a lesbian's dream' - type comment I would have kept it. OK I find that offensive. Why would I think that about my patients? Would a straight female nurse (or a gay male nurse) go on to a urology ward and think something like that? No and no one would suggest it, well they might as a joke. It didn't come across to me as a joke.

I spent all afternoon shaking literally. I went to the head of the year after class and told her what was said. Can't suffer the snickering for the next 6 months. The risk of coming out while I'm working would be exceptionally harmful too, especially if someone on the ward thinks along the same line. I never actually asked to move placement but that's what happened. Stroke rehabilitation - I can do that and it isn't too far away from spinal injury rehab... well closer than gyne anyway.

Did I blow it out of proportion? I'm still hurt by that remark and still shaking inside.


Not Nurse Ratched said...

Can't judge regarding blowing it out of proportion since I'm bad about that myself, but I think you are justified in being effin' mad about it. That kind of remark is totally unprofessional and inappropriate. Here in the US, it's even against the law! I support your shaking rage and am sorry that happened.

WardBunny said...

Thanks. It's considered discrimination here and I believe you can bring charges against people but I wouldn't take it that far. I'm letting go of some of the rage. Well OK I've stopped shaking. I have this feeling there maybe repercussions.

cb said...

I agree. It is extremely offensive and prejudicial. I would be offended if I were in your position too. It is not fair to make those judgements. And I don't think you blew it out of proportion. You need to look after yourself.

Anonymous said...

hi, found your blog through seratonin sisters..very good by the way.
with regards to that horrid comment. what utter dickheads. i don't think you have overreacted atall for what its worth. gobshites.

WardBunny said...

Thanks guys. I'm fighting back. I ain't gonna stand for that again.

margerydaw - Hi! You couldn't have arrived at a better time. LOL.

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