Monday, 25 August 2008

The Green Eyed Monster

When being a little bored I looked at my site stats for how people are getting to this blog. I get lots from the lovely people that link to me from their blogs but it's the search engines that fascinate me.
Recently it has been the 'Hospital Corner?' post inspiring people (15 people to date). I suppose I could have done a step by step on how to do a hospital corner but that would have been to easy and I'm not writing a textbook here.

The classic from a couple of days ago was 'nurses jealous of doctors'. I've never written a post on the possibility of nurses being jealous of doctors' positions. What they arrived at was part of my Doctors and Nurses collection (if you remember they were posts on me and the doctor at one of my placements, here's parts one, two and three for those that forget).

So am I jealous of doctors? Nope I don't want their job. I want to be a nurse.

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