Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hospital Corner?

I was taught hospital corners. I made beds the way I had too. Then I went to a manual handling training.

Apparently we aren't meant to lift the mattresses when there are patients lying on them. Well yes I can see the point of that, it can be sore on your arms when you're on to your 8th patient of the morning. It's very sore on my arms at least. We are just expected to poke the sheets down in between the mattress and the edge of the bed. Hmmmmmm..... Well I'll let you in on a little secret I've been doing that for a while. Usually only when the patient is on a pressure mattress because they are usually wrapped around the bottom of the bed so you can't actually put the sheet under. It saves my poor hands.

Meh... 10mins after you leave the patient their bed is a mess anyway. It's almost not worth the effort any more.


Tilly said...

My hospital have now gone over to fitted sheets for all their linen. They come out creased and look thin so the patients think they are still dirty!
but also if you try to move someone up the bed on them they just stretch and the patient stays where they are - quite funny with the older staff who try to do this!! its amazing how quickly the slide sheets that didn't exist before have all appeared on the wards!
Plus they stretch over nearly all the pressure matresses and look neater!!

WardBunny said...

Apparently we're getting fitted sheets soon too. And single patient use slide sheets!

It's a world of innovation.

Mind you our sheets come back from the laundry still dirty in places so anything will be an improvement!

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