Saturday, 5 July 2008

Happy 60th?

The NHS turns 60 today. It's a bitter-sweet birthday with the public drawn between it being old and out of date or still necessary today.
Is it really needing to be put out to pasture? Is the NHS now just a joke?

I don't think it's dead already. Of course it is in no way what it used to be, but then nether is medicine.
When the NHS was started, no-one had considered the heart transplants or intensive care units. Massive hospitals offering neuro surgery in one building and plastic surgery and burns rehab in another.
In the same breath they couldn't have imagined wards full of patients suffering from infections they caught only because they happened in be in hospital with a weakened immune system.

Should we condemn the NHS to die by one of its own creations? No. For where would it leave us? With another bigger problem to solve.


cb said...

Maybe I'm an unrealistic idealist, but I think there's still a lot of life in the NHS yet.. especially when you think of what the alternatives might be.
I'm lucky to have been in good health for pretty much all my life but some of my closer family members have and continue to receive superb quality of care through the NHS - it's just easier to see the negatives a lot of the time.. i think

WardBunny said...

There's life in the old girl yet.
From what I've seen in some files, there are people that have been very well looked after by every department!

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