Monday, 14 July 2008

1000 Visitors and Still Going

I've made it to 1000 (well past it actually). I wanted to do something special to celebrate. To be honest I can't really think of anything....
Aside from perhaps giving you 100 things about me with a smattering of the best of the archive and a response to Kim @ As The Pump Turns.

100) Kim showed us hers, so I'll show you mine. This is my uniform. White tunic (I've covered the embroidery) and navy trousers.
99) The most used tab is college.
98) I have broken both of my ankles...
97) ...and my left wrist.
96) I struggle to tell my left from my right and usually have to look at my hands.
95) There's a failed attempt at further education in my past...
94) ...and it had nothing to do with nursing.
93) When I was little I wanted to be a midwife,
92) an architect,
91) a physics teacher,
90) Duffy from Casualty,
89) and Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise. At least I sort of picked one of them.
88) I have 6 highers.
87) 2 of my highers are Physics.
86) The rest are Art, Graphic Communication, Information systems and Maths.
85) I was told I was over qualified when I was interviewed for this course.
84) I worked part-time in a DIY store...
83) ...and I can mix paint colours...
82) ...and I can carry 2 25kilo bags of concrete at the same time.
81) I could have been fired for insubordination while I worked there for what I said to the manager.
80) I once bit my dentist...
79) ...and I was 21 at the time.
78) I wore braces on my teeth for 2 years...
77) ...and spent weeks designing layouts for the coloured bands that held the wires in place.
76) I have kept a blog since 2002.
75) I got my first Game Boy in 1995.
74) My PlayStation arrived in 1996.
73) Since then I have owned a PS2, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advanced SP.
72) I sold the SP and PS2 so I could afford my DS.
71) I own more games for the DS than I ever did for any of the other consoles.
70) I also owned a Nokia N-Gage. Although I don't like to admit it.
69) I think Princess Peach is a wuss.
68) I have played Nintendogs on the bus and shouted at the microphone.
67) I've had pet fish since I was 5.
66) My first 2 fish were called Madge and Harold, after the couple from Neighbours.
65) I spend a lot of time ranting.
64) I also spend a lot of time writing.
63) One day I want to write a novel.
62) Or be the cartoonist for the Nursing Standard.
61) I earned my Brownie Computer Badge in 1993.
60) On a 486 Intel processor running Windows 3.1
59) Brown Owl didn't know who to get to test me so she had her husband do it.
58) That badge is my favourite of all time.
57) My medical records have been lost.
56) I know how to swim,
55) snorkel,
54) sew,
53) ride a horse (both english...
52) ...and western),
51) put up tents,
50) and read a map.
49) I am seriously unfit...
48) ...but I can still touch my toes.
47) I've come to realise that my butt: is maybe a little too large.
46) I've come to realise that when I talk: I rattle on rather fast when I'm nervous.
45) I've come to realise that if I love someone: I should tell them how I feel.
44) I've come to realise that I need: To not lock out my friends.
43) I've come to realise that I've lost: My way and some of my passion.
42) I've come to realise that I hate it when: People make judgments about others without knowing the full story.
41) I've come to realise that if I'm drunk: I have zero balance, something I don't have much of when sober.
40) I've come to realise that money: Can't grow on trees.
39) I've come to realise that my mother: Is amazing, even though I can't tell her everything.
38) I've come to realise that I'll probably always be: Angry but I should use this for good not evil.
37) I've come to realise that I have a crush on: A person who will never know.
36) I've come to realise that the last time I cried was: Last Monday, no you aren't going to find out why.
35) I've come to realise that my cell phone: Is part of me.
34) I've come to realise that when I wake up in the morning: I'm cranky and stiff.
33) I've come to realise that before I go to sleep at night: I'm awake for far too long.
32) I've come to realise that right now I am thinking about: Never reaching number 1.
31) I've come to realise that babies: Are something I will never have.
30) I've come to realise that when I get on Blogger: I have to think interesting things.
29) I've come to realise that today I will: Not finish everything I have to do but they can be done tomorrow.
28) I've come to realise that tonight I will: Not get my hair dyed again.
27) I've come to realise that tomorrow I will: Bored out of my tree once more.
26) I've come to realise that I really want to: Immigrate.
25) I've come to realise relationships: Are necessary because humans are not meant to live alone.
24) I've come to realise love: Is dangerous but impossible to avoid.
23) I've come to realise my best guy friend: Is Suggs.
22) I've come to realise my best girl friend: Is Bob.
21) I've come to realise food: Is easier to cook than it is to make Pot Noodle.
20) I've come to realise that when I'm a girlfriend: I should not be overly possessive.
19) I've come to realise girls and boys: Are essentially the same.
18) I've come to realise over the summer: I will actually be going on a holiday!
17) I've come to realise heartbreak: Is devastating.
16) I had my first kiss when I was 6.
15) I never really understood what I would have to do when I was studying to be a nurse.
14) But I wouldn't change it for the world.
13) My favourite placement was orthopedics...
12) ...and that's where I want to go and work...
11) ...with a specialty in spinal injuries.
10) I worked on a summer camp in the US before I started the course...
9) ...and I'm going back when I finish.
8) I drink far too much diet cola...
7) ...and eat far too much chocolate.
6) My idol is Lara Croft.
5) I still own the first 4 Tomb Raider games.
4) My right ear drum has been perforated 3 times.
3) I make a mean shepherd's pie.
2) "bubbly, geeky ( you payed 50 quid for a DS case! )....bananas?!?!" - Suggs (Twasn't 50, it was 12)
1) I am insane for starting this.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a 1000

cb said...

Phew - an impressive list (and I also can't tell my left from my right and have to look at my hands and make an L sign with my left thumb and finger to work it out!).

Well done on 1000!

cellar_door said...

Congratulations :0)

Great list. I don't think I could come up with 50 interesting things about myself, nevermind 100...

WardBunny said...


That took me 5 hours and you might have noticed I butchered a meme to fill a few of the numbers.

Ah everyone has 100 and more interesting things inside them.

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