Friday, 4 July 2008

Ass Kicking

Totally got my ass kicked today. By the Stirrer of this placement. They ALL have one, if you haven't found that person that loves to cause trouble then they will appear. Trust me on this.

I've been taking blood for a week now. Of course I had been getting supervised mostly by CSWs (Clinical Support Workers, or Auxiliaries). Most important, the BIG BOSS had approved of this. Then in comes Stirrer, who has been getting on my nerves for the last week or so (please don't come in and take over my clinic and mess up my system and do it all in the space of 10 minutes). She said it needs to be a trained member of staff. Baws, it does NOT need to be a staff nurse. But Stirrer had done her work already and Nice Staff Nurse I was working with had changed the game plan. Gurr.

Eventually I went back to the old system of being watched by whoever was available, besides I'm away at like 20-something bloods now. I can fly solo.... some of the time anyway.


Faith Walker said...

It surprises me that you are allowed to take bloods as this is forbidden by my trust, and all other trusts I've worked in so far unless you've been on the trust course. It is not a skill taught in uni either.

Are you taught this?

WardBunny said...

Think it might be up to the trusts but it's taught by the college and we can do it in placement if they allow it. Course this is NHS Scotland so this might be slightly different.

We get taught to cannulate too but I've never had the chance!

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