Monday, 28 July 2008

Shared Living NOT Sheltered

Mostly I spent today cooking... yea I know I'll make a lovely housewife someday, blah, blah, blah...
But with the flat in such a tip EVERYTHING had to be cleaned first. This includes my own pots. I have my own wok and used to have a load of cutlery too. But someone has been using my stuff.

I caught one of my flatmates weeks ago helping herself to my spices and sauces cupboard (It's how it worked out most of my dry foods are in the other tiny cupboard and that one has the soy sauce, herbs, oils, etc.). OK I don't go into someone else's stuff and help myself so get the heck out of mine. Rock salt doesn't cone cheap you know. Anyway back to today and I couldn't find the wok. When I find it it's in the cupboard under the sink (where the pots NO-ONE use live cos on-one else cooks). AND it wasn't flipping clean. It was covered in someone's tomato pasta sauce.

I love my flatmates (sometimes). But come on how hard is it to at least make it look like you aren't taking my stuff when I'm not around?

Well now the 2 lasagne are done and the shepherd's pie is out of the oven. All ready for next week when I'm off on holiday with my Uni mates (My 2 clans of friends fall into; Uni - the first course I was on and College - the nursing course). Which is why I talk about college so much, it's how I make the distinction although both times it's been universities I've attended.


Seratonin said...

Gawd that brings back memories.We are talking mid 80's here when I shared a house in my college days with two other girls.It was mostly ok, but crikey it got bitchy at times.

cellar_door said...

Hmm, many memories. I shared a house with three boys during my last course, one of whom left because our demands for tidyness were too taxing. When we went into his room we found mould growing on the carpet where he had spilt some milk months ago...

WardBunny said...

See the thing is I'm the 'messy' one and now I can't stand the mess. I'd go home if I could.

It's a life experience...right?

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