Monday, 7 July 2008

Worry Not For I Have Already Messed It Up

Getting signed off should be this hard. Was told today that she can't sign me off as she hasn't worked with me. Well that's not my fault! I go where I'm told!
On the up side I'll be getting my practice bloods signed off tomorrow. All 10 if the practice that they say we need to be competent. Oh heck no I needed way more than that!


cellar_door said...

Nightmare. My current placement has similar problems - the unit I'm based on just doesn't do a lot of the stuff I'm supposed to get signed off meds, manual handling. So I can't do it...bloody stupid! Hope you get sorted...

stellapup said...

Oh cack! I had a sign off problem this week too, went to a Sister who trained with florence for a signature, and offered myself for a Q&A as evidence and she said "No... that's a tall order for a first year student. Good afternoon."


WardBunny said...

If I had a pound for every placement that had cacked it up.... Well I'd have a fiver maybe.
I have had a couple of gems though. The rough and the smooth. If you can suffer the cack then you can suffer anything!

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