Saturday, 12 July 2008

Another Day, Another Bad Result

Yea, stupid finals.
I passed the big cancer one! Go me! But I failed the trauma exam.... by 3 marks....on one question. So guess what I'll be doing over the summer holidays. Actually I should put that in inverted commas. This is NOT a summer and there is no way that 2 weeks counts as a holiday. I proper university holiday is like 4 months long..... God I miss those days!
I am way too used to this by now. I can't even muster a vague sadness, I'm just pissed off.
Meh. Back to studying... again.


cellar_door said...

Congrats on the cancer, crappy bout the trauma though...3 bloody marks! How annoying.

Nurses do get stiffed with the holidays...I got 3 months off over summer during my last course, with no work to do. Ho hum. At least we can feel like we're not missing out too much when it rains all summer...

WardBunny said...

Thanks for that!
My friends for the old course couldn't believe what I was willing to put up with!

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