Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I'm dyslexic and I prefer multiple choice to essays. This med student doesn't and is campaigning against the world's use of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). It got me so annoyed that I had to comment on it (so you might see some of this here and there too). I hate essays. When I was still in primary school I used to say 'Why write a page and get 10 mistakes when I can write half and get 5'. See even then I knew my limitations. This means I struggle to get to a word count. I can count on one had how many times I've gone over the word count without a struggle of some kind (twice by the way). If there had to be a choice then I would pick MCQ. Many of my 'normal' (I use that to mean their brains are not affected) friends hate MCQ tests though and would prefer essays. This is always where I thought the difference was.

Multiple choice happens in every day life in medicine. You disregard the things it cannot be to leave what it is. Also no one dyslexic can speak for all, everyone's dyslexia affects people differently. I've met people that struggle all day every day and have left school with a diagnosis of dyslexia and no qualifications. While I can function quite well in the course and work. Dyslexia is more than just reading and writing, it's about how the brain functions and it will never be a level playing field when it comes to exams. No matter the concessions.


cellar_door said...

We only have 2 exams throughout the 3 years, both MCQ for drug calcs.

I think this demonstrates the importance of considering people with dyslexia on an individual basis...what works for one doesn't for another. It seems harsh that they should be banned on the basis of one persons experience. Surely she would be best off appealing to those running the course for individual consideration, rather than ruining it for those it works for?

WardBunny said...

Individual consideration is possibly the only way to go. What works for me doesn't work for other people and vice versa.

Lucky sod with only 2 exams. I've lost count but it's at least 4 - 5 per year of the course. More in first year. More essays though? No I take that back we get about 2 a year (at least).

cellar_door said...

Hehe! :0) We have had 6 essays this year ranging from 1500-3500 words...I prefer it, I learn better this way and I can go at my own pace. I don't do well in exam conditions! Can't speak for our adult nurses but I believe its similar.

WardBunny said...

6?!??! Great Googly Moogly! I'll stick with the course I'm on thanks!

3,500 words would be nigh on impossible for we to write. Granted we had 5 essays in second year but no bigger than 2,500.

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