Thursday, 17 July 2008

Search Me...

Some one came to the blog via a search for 'bread websites'? WTF?

Anyway I've learnt a very important lesson DO NOT drop the black glass ESR vacutainers. Ever.

You would think that I have opened a vein the amount of blood on the floor. In reality the tubes only hold 5.2ml so it's really not that much. I'm totally persona non grata... again.


cb said...

I'd had some very bizarre searches find me. In some ways, I hope the person who was looking for 'what to do when kittens are fighting' (?) wasn't too disappointed to find me :)

WardBunny said...

The odd thing is I don't think I've talked about bread... Although I love toast!

Hmmm... what do you do when kittens are fighting?

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