Sunday, 10 August 2008

What I Did On My Summer Holidays

So yes I have returned from the wilds of Auchterarder. (which is south of Perth... which still isn't helpful if you don't know Scotland well) Google maps are fantastic I've noticed.What did we do? Well we went white water rafting on the river Tay for one. This is actually us! I'm the yellow helmet on the far left.We went to Scone Palace, where Scotland's royalty are crowned.

We played a lot of poker.I lost mostly because I was rather drunk while I was learning. This lead to the nickname of Four-Sheets because I was four sheets to the wind (read drunk) and betting erratically.
One of the few times I did win I did it with out knowing. I thought I only had a pair but I had a flush. So no-one could tell if I was serious or kidding when I turned and said "What's a Flush?"

"All these chips... They be MINE!"

Other poker nicknames:
The Milkman - cos he milks you for your chips
Tex - cos she couldn't hold on to her chips
The Artful Hustler - cos she takes your chips without you realising it
Hollywood - cos his name is Frank (see like Frankie Goes To Hollywood... geddit?)

So yes we had a fun time and it's back to college in the morning. It's definitely a case of once more into the breach dear friends!


cellar_door said...

Sounds like you had fun! Welcome back...

Bianca Castafiore said...

The photo from the River Tay excursion is wonderful -- all that swirling water! All those terrified rafters, grinning!
(I am a quiet fan of your blog...)

WardBunny said...

Thank you!
We really enjoyed ourselves. Cold and soaked but we loved it... and we're doing it again sometime.

Bianca - Welcome to the fold! :)

cb said...

Loves beautiful and lots of fun. And while you were away.. I was at work.. I know, you can't disguise the jealousy!

WardBunny said...

Yea only to come back and find I have another 2 weeks off!

Green suits you! tehehe

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