Monday, 11 August 2008

Start of Semester Bureaucracy

Turns out we're off for another 2 weeks. Of course we didn't know this till after we all turned up at 9am. The degree students have 2 units in 2 weeks while we swan about like the lord of the manor.

We're senior students now. We have to act like it. I almost wish there was a way to reach the other gay and lesbian students on the course since we have no LGBT group here. Life would have been easier for me if there had been something like that. On a side note I was tempted to write into the Nursing Standard this week. If I do I'll let you in on it.

I don't get this.... we have a new system and we have to re register again (actually it's a bit of a regular occurrence). But because I didn't get a piece on paper in on time I can't actually do it yet. Ah beggery I'm gonna just put my feet up for a bit.

I'm waiting on blood test results from my GP. She took FBC, U+Es, LFT, ESR, Glucose, Nuclear and Rheumatoid Factors. It's actually a good thing I went on holiday when I did the wait is sending me nuts. She said 2 weeks and I'll get them on Thursday. Take 3 guesses as to what she's looking for.


cellar_door said...

We have quite an active LGBT group at our uni, apparently - maybe you should start one? :0)

Not being a 'proper' nurse all those letters mean feck all to me...apart from FBC and U+Es...hope nothing too scary x

WardBunny said...

My last uni had an extremely active group but at that time I was about as out as Elton John in the 60s. I'm very tempted to start one but I leave for my final placement in 5 weeks so it's not really worth it, for me anyway.

Don't give me that 'proper' nurse cack! All will become clear on Thursday (if I'm not curled up in the corner crying).

Bianca Castafiore said...

I cannot imagine returning to school after a break to find I had another two weeks! I would be tempted to leave town again...

Would starting an LGBT group be something that is feasible for you? How do things work there -- in terms of university support/approval? At a few of the schools I have worked at (as a foreign language professor), faculty advisors were required, for instance.

As for what you are being tested for... (consulting all my foreign language text references!)-- it sounds like something auto-immune, perhaps. You don't want an elevated ESR, nor do you want a positive ANA (else, it is welcome to La Belle Bianca Castafiore's world!). And so I wish you the best, whatever it is your doctor is testing for... To feel better, that is the important thing.

WardBunny said...

I would LOVE to just go off for another 2 weeks but I do have some work.

Usually it would be easy to start a club through the student's union but I think I would need at least one other person to help me. Getting members of faculty on my side wouldn't be much of a problem, so we could over-ride the union (which is a little useless) and run it as part of the school of nursing.

It is auto-immune actually. Well done! Rheumatoid factor is the giveaway. We think it's rheumatoid arthritis.

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