Thursday, 17 January 2008

Bus Tales

2 comments on life from fellow bus passengers today.
First up. Early this morning as we arrived at one of the larger bus stops (the kind were everyone needs to get off) and so the contents of the bus are filing out including the woman in the wheelchair. This took a little longer than normal since she had to get round the slightly daft safety rails. I swear to you the 'able bodied' (not able minded I can assure you) woman waiting to disembark beside where I was sitting actually tutted. Just because she was being held up.

Second. On the way home I was unfortunate enough to be stuck in the midst of a bunch of school kids. Not the most fun place to be till a few seats away a couple of girls spotted what must be the best looking boy in the year above getting on at the next stop. What followed was the most pointless preening ritual I have ever witnessed. I say pointless because the boy didn't even notice they were on the bus.

Nice to see that high school hasn't changed a bit since I left and that people will be asses no matter how un PC it all is.

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