Monday, 28 January 2008

Before the New Semester Starts

Well I have two weeks off before the new semester begins, so with all my essays and paperwork handed in I'm off to do a little drawing. I'll be dropping in and out so no one will notice, honest and I'll be back here getting things ready next week.
Interestingly enough I discovered that you can blog with Word 2007 to Blogger (and Wordpress). So I'll type some stuff up although it will appear retrospectively when I reconnect to the internet. Also (because I have very little life outside of the internet) I noticed that Windows Vista shows up as Windows NT on my SiteStats. I know this only because I made the mistake of deleting the cookies and not replacing the 'Don't show hits from the computer' before blogging. My commiserations to anyone that is suffering from Vista-itis. Now I know why Mac geeks have that knowing Mona Lisa smile thing going on. Should never have given up Windows XP.

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Not Nurse Ratched said...

Four people at last count have switched to Macs because they have seen me using my MacBook with no trouble whatsoever while they conduct battle royale with their Windows computers. Vista is a great boon to Apple. ;) Sorry for your troubles...nothing worse than a computer that doesn't work when you need it to. :(

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