Saturday, 5 January 2008

You Have Been The Worst Year Goodbye!

O.K. I promise never to quote Anne Robinson again, but 2007 has been a bit of a bad year and to be honest I'm glad to see the back of it.
So I'm making my own meme to depict my year as a top 10.
1 - Number of times I've fallen in love this year
2 - Number of times I've had to move flat
3 - Number of times I've failed exams
4 - Number of placements I've had
5 - Number of times I've had to see a dentist, mostly in pain
6 - The hour of the day I've stayed up till to finish an essay
7 - The average hour of the day when I have to get up, between 5am starts and 10am lie-ins
8 - Number of lecturers I've spent time tracking down, for one of any of a selection of reasons
9 - Number of times I've seen a doctor, not placement but through various ailments
10 - Number of very close friends who have really stood by me this last year

I have a 12 too. The number of flu shots I've given out (well I gave them under supervision).
I'm looking forward to 2008! Really, even if I did spend my birthday in the dental hospital getting another tooth pulled out.

New year was a riot! I went off to the very north of the coldest, wettest part of the British Isles and spent 4 days with some very good friends and some beer and some boardgames (a very good combination). Only down side was the tooth ache. Hence the trip to the dental hospital and the out of hours service. That's the 3rd tooth out in 2 years. This one had to come out after a massive infection in the gum from the traumatic extraction a couple of months ago. A blender is cheaper and less painful than root work and the teeth usually aren't worth saving for some reason. Ah soft diets! It's all molars so my "I care" patient smile isn't affected.

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