Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hearts, Bones and Ranting

Rant causing new study.
So Calcium tablets are hardening arteries and causing heart attacks, eh? Oh I can just see how this one will pan out...

"Sorry Mrs Bloggs you have osteoporosis but we can't give you bone strengthening calcium because you'll have a heart attack instead. With coronary arteries like those it's to be expected. So we think you should wrap yourself in cotton wool and never go out of the house again."
“Oh doctor, I can’t do that.”
“Well then you run the risk of a hip fracture the next time you fall on those icy and damaged pavements.”
“That doesn’t sound good.”
“It’s not. If the bones are too weak, we cannot repair the fracture. You could be in hospital for ages and never really be able to walk again. So you’ll have to sell your house so you can pay for your nursing home. Where the staff don’t really care don't really care, will let you fall and give you a few bugs along the way.”

Tough call.

With thanks to Dee Dee for her true ranting skills!

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