Thursday, 24 January 2008


I'd like to introduce a few people that will crop up from time to time in this blog (they don't have their own). All the names have been altered to protect others, they know who they are. Of course if you think I'm talking about you and you don't like the name I've given you then feel free to find me and slap me around the head.

Dee Dee is a snappy dresser (please don't judge her on her choice of weemee clothing). She just happens to be both my friend and in my class. To be honest we spend far too long talking on MSN messenger than in real life recently but that doesn't stop it being an animated rant-fest.

Suggs spends a lot of his time on MSN correcting my idiot-like mistakes but he is an expert on Search and Rescue and photography when he's not applying for a better job. I should point out that he is not a dog but this is the best Google could come up with for Urban Search and Rescue Dogs. We met when I was a university the first time around, although he got his degree and is still planning to use it to become an officer in something called a police force?

The last 2 people I'd like to introduce are Lele and Zuzu, two more students. They are like yin and yang, not sure what that makes me but it's the best way to describe them. We have started some fantastic arguments, almost coming to blows over one topic Zuzu and I.

So that's the happy little crowd. There are more but I guess for the moment these 4 people put their tuppence into the mix more than anyone else.

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